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Fusion Mineral Paint Goddess Ashwagandha Pint


This off-white is truly unique to the Fusion Mineral Paint line. Goddess Ashwagandha is cooler than Raw Silk, but warmer than Lamp White.



A grounding neutral, this shade was inspired by the nourishing root of the ashwagandha herb and its full spectrum of ancient healing qualities. Equal parts light, warm and airy, this particular shade is rooted in minimalism.

This off-white is truly unique to the Fusion Mineral Paint line. Goddess Ashwagandha is cooler than Raw Silk, but warmer than Lamp White. It’s hard to give it a proper description because it’s like nothing you’ve seen before! But don’t worry – we’ve got a blog coming up soon that will help you determine the subtle differences between all of our Fusion Mineral Paint white paint colors!

Being that Goddess Ashwagandha is our new favourite vintage white, we just had to showcase it on this gorgeous vintage tea cart. It’s also got some embossing paste and ageing wax to give it some detail!

Learn more about our Lisa Marie Holmes collection: http://bit.ly/2wQLrWc


So what exactly is Fusion Mineral Paint?

Built in Top Coat ~ Price ~ Quality & Durability ~ Eco Friendly

Fusion has taken over 10 years to develop, test and refine. Fusion’s results are nothing less than spectacular, providing furniture painters a best-in-class paint that features; an environmentally conscious formulation, low VOC’s, superior durability, easy one-step application and significantly improved strength. Delivering an exceptional matte finish, this 100% acrylic paint requires minimal prep work!

Application: Follow our directions carefully and Fusion can be applied to most previously painted or coated surfaces without priming or significant prep work.

No top coat?:
Fusion is formulated with a built in top coat, the 100% acrylic resin. You do not need to use a top coat for water permanency!

Tip: On a microscopic level, flat or matte finishes have tiny ridges and valleys when the paint dries. Therefore, finger prints and marking can occur. The marks can easily be removed using a damp cloth, however, if you are concerned about dust marks, apply a coat of FUSION Beeswax Finish or FUSION Tough Coat.

Coverage: Excellent coverage! Our Fusion paint offers incredible coverage of 75 sq ft per Pint(500ml). In most cases one coat is all you need. Our coverage is outstanding! See pic for example of how much you can paint with just one pint.

Durability: Once Fusion has cured, it yields a highly durable and a washable finish. If you choose, you can of course achieve a beautiful lustre by adding a Beeswax Finish on top, or the Tough Coat. Fusion is dry to the touch after 2 hours and can accept a re-coat after 4 hours. Cure time with all acrylic paints is 21 days, however, painted surfaces can be used gently after 24 to 48 hours of drying time.

Sheen: Fusion is offered in a gorgeous matte finish. This means an almost zero reflectance value that allows you to achieve a beautiful smooth finish.

Distress: Absolutely! This paint is extremely easy to work with, though we recommend distressing soon after the paint has dried. It is very durable, so achieving the same result is tad more work after it has cured! It is recommended to apply a top coat when you distress because you will break open the surface and a top coat will be necessary to prevent water damage and continued distressing through extensive wear and tear.

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