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 Hi there! My name is Karri and I am the owner and creator of From Shabby to Fabby. When I began this business in 2013 it was from a love of painted furniture.
I grew up just outside of Chicago in a small family with a very tight budget. Whenever I wanted a new piece of furniture, my mom would always suggest we refinish an old piece ourselves and make it look new. When I was young I wanted new things, like my friends had. But as I grew up, and watched her transform pieces, I began to realize that there was nothing quite like old furniture. The history, the craftsmanship … it all made sense to me.
When I bring an old piece of furniture home, I always think about where that piece has traveled and wonder what stories it would tell me if it could talk. Antiques are magical to me and they have the ability to add warmth and character to a home in a way that little else does. Whether it has been handed down for generations in your family or you come across it while shopping, antiques can speak to you and connect you with the past. They tell a story and half the fun, to me, is figuring out what that story was.
I live in the suburbs of Chicago with my three dogs Lucy, Harper, Daisy and my cat, Zander.
My home is my playground. Since I refinish furniture it’s a revolving door of changes but I always gravitate towards the same styles. I call my taste ‘Rustic Bling.” I love a modern home with touches of Vintage, Industrial, French, Farmhouse and Nordic French mixed in. I adore mixing styles, like putting a very distressed Farm Table under a gorgeous chandelier dripping with crystals and gold. I am drawn to old French antiques, wonderful chippy old painted wood and anything shiny and full of beautiful prisms.
I dream of living in a French Chateau surrounded by hydrangeas and dogs … and good coffee.